Own production and sale of extra virgin olive oil of Leccino and Nociara varieties and Termite di Bitetto and Leccino table olives

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Oil and table olive production, harvested by hand and without the use of chemical fertilizers

Agricola Fuggiano follows with professionalism and passion every stage of the production of oil and table olives starting from the harvest that is done manually to safeguard the trees without the use of shakers.

The plants are followed and pampered without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, but everything natural such as bee pollination and the use of organic fertilizers. Light and manual pruning by removing dry parts and suckers without using machinery.

Extra virgin olive oil

Own production of extra virgin olive oil from the Leccino and Nociara varieties

Table olives

Own production of table olives in the bitetto termite and Leccino varieties

Manual pruning

All plants receive manual pruning without the use of machinery, only scissors and saws to remove dry parts and suckers

Manual harvesting

Harvesting is done manually, without the use of shakers to preserve the integrity of the plants

Extra virgin olive oil

We produce extra virgin olive oil from the Leccino and Nociara varieties. Leccino oil is one of the most popular varieties and its organoleptic and taste characteristics make it really liked and appreciated by consumers: golden yellow color and delicate light fruity flavor. The nociara variety oil, on the other hand, presents a golden color with greenish reflections, of excellent quality.

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Nociara variety extra virgin olive oil


Leccino variety extra virgin olive oil


The milling

Milling is a key stage of production and consists of a mechanical process in which the olives are compressed to release the raw oil.


Photo gallery olive harvesting and processing for oil and table olives


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